Stoney J's

Our History

Back in 2014, my wife and I decided to look for a piece of property where we could stretch our legs and raise our family. We stumbled upon a piece of property that was used for horses. The pastures added to the beauty of the property. We quickly started dabbling with chickens and planned on how we would go about expanding the property. Hopefully, we would be able to provide ourselves with enjoyment.

Since our family is so busy with our four children (Jordyn, Jessie, John, and Josh) and all their sporting activities, we have had little time to dedicate to the farm. My parents (Richard and Linda), who live with us on the property, helped pick up the slack when we were all over with the kids.

In 2016, we planted our first grapes. We did our research, and soon found out that muscadine grapes are one of the only grapes that would grow and thrive in our area. We knew very little about the grapes, except they were native to the south and were sweet. We planted the first part of the vineyard, with 36 grape plants. We had a mix of table grapes (noble, dixie red, black beauty, ison, and a few others). In 2018, we made our first bottle of wine. It was made out of the Ison variety and came out spectacular. We bottled and labeled 30 bottles of a dry and 30 bottles of a semi-sweet. While sharing our wine with friends, most could not believe how excellent the wine turned out. We decided to move ahead. We started planning our front pastures with over an acre and a half of grapes. We are also in the planning process of turning our property into a farm winery. We are planning to have a production facility and a tasting room with a commercial kitchen.

In 2019, Stoney J’s Farm Winery was born, and we hope to be open to the public sometime in the Fall of 2020. The adventure has begun…

Sean and Stephanie DeNardo

Stoney J’s Farm and Orchard

Stoney J’s Farm Winery (coming soon)