fresh farm eggs


Our goal is to provide the public with farm raised and pastured eggs.  The nutritional facts associated with farm raised eggs are huge compared to regular store bough eggs. Currently, we have over 60 hens producing an average of about 25 eggs per day.  The sizes range from medium up to extra-large/jumbo. 


blackberries (in season)


In 2017, we planted 2 trellis’s of blackberries with approximately 12 plants. The blackberries produce each year and we have some for sale when in season. 


honey (in season)


We currently have 6 hives. We finally had one hive make it from last winter, so we should have more honey than in 2018. The bees have so many beautiful flowers to choose from on our property. Their favorite spot is our wildflower garden which is in its second year of existence.


Raspberries were planted in the fall of 2018. We hope to have our first crop in 2020. Black raspberries were relocated away from blackberries, and we produce limited runs of black raspberry jam.

raspberries and black raspberries


We currently have 21 blueberry plants. We will be offering for sale to the public when in season.

blueberries(in season)