Muscadine Winery


Stoney J’s Farm and Orchard is a family-owned and operated vineyard, located in the Piedmont Region of Forsyth County in Cumming, Georgia. Our wines are produced with the finest muscadine grapes with hints of blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and honey. The grapes are harvested late August through early September and frozen prior to juicing to enhance its deep flavors and aromas. The wine is especially made for family, fine friends and all to enjoy.


The barn

May 2019 - We are undergoing a major construction of our current equipment facility. We are converting the storage barn it into a single story tasting room and commercial kitchen. Our current barn is being converted into our wine production facility. Construction has begun and we hope to be completed by Fall of 2019.


The Property

Our property covers a little over 7 areas with 2 houses, a barn, storage facility, equipment facility, 2 chicken coops 4 pastures and a small vineyard surrounding our riding arena. Pasture 1 and 2 (est. 2019) we have started expanding our vineyard to include close to 350 muscadine grape plants. Varieties will include Carlos, Noble and Dixie Red. Pasture 3 (est. 2019) will include approximately 36 plantings including Higgins, Magnolia, and Tara. Pasture 5 or our vineyard overlooking the riding ring, includes 36 plantings (est. 2014). We have the following muscadine varieties; Black Beauty, Dixie Red , Granny Val, Ison, Pam, Noble, Scuppernog and Supreme. Bunch grapes (for eating and jams) includes; Niagra, Concord, Summit, and Red Flame. Pasture 4 is our area for our chickens and goats.


Coming soon…

The Wines